Thursday, 12 November 2015

Faking Breton

I am finished uni for 2015.  My placement which should have me busy and stressed until the start of December was cancelled due to lack of spots.  I am relieved but feel lost.  I am once again working nights and scrambling for something to do the rest of the time.  My sewing mojo is very confused due to being contained for so long I guess. Melbourne is coming into Summer but I can't stop thinking about outwear and wool and leather. Leather!.  My apologies to all the vegans out there.  I found a lead on a leather distributor, hoping to check it out tomorrow.  I have been sewing random bits and pieces.  A lot of underwear.  I made 7 pairs in two days.  Very boring.  But sometimes a girl just needs to fill out holes in her wardrobe.
Telling my BF to get down real low to make me look taller.  Stubborn that one.
I made this top weeks and weeks ago.  I dug out these photos from August to put them up here.  Another Salme Kimono top.  I got the fabric from Darn Cheap at some point.  Found it on the $2 table.  A really soft cotton feeling fabric with more mechanical stretch than usual.  I cut it using the selvage as the hem because there is a single strand of red along it.  Couldn't make myself cut it off.

Bad sewing person.  It doesn't have much structure in the hem, obviously, so it's kindof floppy. Stupid sewing person.

I was very pleased with my exposed bias binding.  I add a solution I found in spotlight called Stiffy (! always makes me smile) to a length of fabric that I then cut up into bias binding.  That's a technique that I have hodge podged over a couple of years, reading American how-to's, but being restrained by Australian products.  
Puss come to be centre of attention again.
I will get back to you about the leather!

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