Saturday, 19 September 2015

Day Tripper Top

A short post today.  I made a short sleeve jumper.  A useless garment really but I needed some short sleeve jumpers for my nursing tutorials.  

This is technically a wearable muslin, I bought this fabric from DarnCheap Fabrics a couple of years ago it has stamps from the manufacture on the right side which I was told would wash out! Yeah right lady.  Because of this I used the wrong side of the fabric for the body and the right side for the bands.  It sheds in the wash but it looks cute.  The BF enjoys teasing me that my clothes are inside out.

This is the Day Tripper pattern from Shrwin Patterns but I found it on the PatternAnthology. A simple shape with a high low hem, pockets and a wide neckline.

I made the largest size, and the longest length.  I added 4 inches to the hip because the sizing sounded very slim hipped to me but that may be the look.  There wasn't any markings for the pocket placement, I double checked the flat pattern.  I placed the pockets 2 inches from the hem seam but I think I put them to low.  When I put my phone in the pockets they hang to low below the edge of the binding.  I did purchase and download the pattern several months ago so that might have been fixed by now.

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