Saturday, 19 September 2015

Day Tripper Top

A short post today.  I made a short sleeve jumper.  A useless garment really but I needed some short sleeve jumpers for my nursing tutorials.  

This is technically a wearable muslin, I bought this fabric from DarnCheap Fabrics a couple of years ago it has stamps from the manufacture on the right side which I was told would wash out! Yeah right lady.  Because of this I used the wrong side of the fabric for the body and the right side for the bands.  It sheds in the wash but it looks cute.  The BF enjoys teasing me that my clothes are inside out.

This is the Day Tripper pattern from Shrwin Patterns but I found it on the PatternAnthology. A simple shape with a high low hem, pockets and a wide neckline.

I made the largest size, and the longest length.  I added 4 inches to the hip because the sizing sounded very slim hipped to me but that may be the look.  There wasn't any markings for the pocket placement, I double checked the flat pattern.  I placed the pockets 2 inches from the hem seam but I think I put them to low.  When I put my phone in the pockets they hang to low below the edge of the binding.  I did purchase and download the pattern several months ago so that might have been fixed by now.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Very Hungry Caterpillar pants

Oh hey, long time no see.  I made some more Hudson pants and a Kimono top (a good friend named my pants, she was pretty horrified).

been having some photographer problems,
For the hudsons I used some crazy multicoloured painted stripy neoprene from Spotlight for the main fabric and some bright blue neoprene from Darn Cheap Fabrics for the contrast fabric. Spotlight have been getting a lot of really lovely neoprene prints that I have been tempted by but at $24.99 I have to avoid.  These are the fourth Hudsons I have made, and unless I cave and buy some more crazy neoprene that's all I am going to make this year.

The reality of renting in Melbourne suburbia, important stuff in pots.  Weeds everywhere.  Broken fence.
I used some mystery black poly for the Kimono top.  It was leftover from some Christmas gift sewing, several years back I made a top for the mother of my then BF.  I actually made this one just to take pictures with these pants !blogger trap I fell in you! but I have no regrets.  I have made so many of these tops that I have lost count but this one has quickly become a favourite. I lowered and narrowed the neckline by an inch because I am not a huge fan of exposed bra straps all of the time, a big fault of the unaltered pattern in my size.  Used bias binding instead of the facings and cuffs, the centre back seam was a fabric saving endeavor.  I feel casual and put together in this top.  I may have worn if several days in a row the week I finished it.  More neutrals in my sewing to do list I think.

I am finishing this post with some pictures of me trying to explain to the photographer/BF how to take pictures

You are welcome to stand closer.  I will not bite.

I need you to frame where my ...

... hands are

Why do I have to standing facing the sun photographer man. Curse my blue eyes.