Saturday, 2 April 2016

Wardrobe Architect

Last couple of weeks I have been distracting myself from from Uni work with the Wardrobe Architect series from Colette Patterns. It is a series of questionnaires and tasks that all together are designed to help the user make more thoughtful wardrobe choices, based on things the wearer likes to wear.  It isn't about your body shape, or what kind of fruit you resemble the most, or even if your complexion looks more like summer or autumn.  It focuses on what the wearer likes, and what the wearer feels most comfortable in.  Mindful choices.

In retrospect I should have started the program at the beginning of the year when I started my "no new fabric pledge".  Making more mindful choices was right there as one of my goals in my pledge post. I had tried to do the Wardrobe Architect when it was first published in 2014, and again in 2015.  But it's hard.  It's hard for me to really think about the choices I make when I dress myself.  I had to dig deep. My five words I came up with are

comfortable, coordinating, cleavage, transitional, structured 

I am sure the cleavage will get a raised eyebrow but it was the best way I could describe the kind of feeling I was trying to convey, that of room and freedom around my neck. 

When we were asked about what silhouettes we liked I discovered a few things about myself I had not realised before

First off, I wear mostly skinny jeans and I don't know if I like other pant silhouettes.  How have I not noticed that before? I like skirts and dresses but have difficulty feeling comfortable in them because they make me feel a bit naked.  Jackets and blazers that are cut close to the body make me feel like an Amazon in pygmy clothes, even if they technically fit.  Everything should have pockets. 

I have organised my inspiration into different headings 



Colour Story


I chose to use the word "texture" instead or "pattern" because I like the texture of woven woolens and tweed as much or more then polka dots and stripes right now.  After the colour exercise I went through my stash and took about everything that made me feel blah or outright uncomfortable.  Amazingly it has made me feel so much better about my stash and sewing room in general.  Before looking at my stash made me feel uncomfortable, I assumed because it represented a lot of work.  Now looking at it makes me feel a little joy as I can imagine wearing all of those fabrics on my body, and feeling good about them. Capsule wardrobe planning is coming up and I have a few ideas.


I have a pair of these on my sewing table right now.  This program has made me take stock of the things I actually need and want, so the floaty tops I had planned were put aside and the Ginger Jeans pattern were pulled out.


I really like the idea of a relaxed pant worn with a belt.  Not sure if I would like it on myself but I am willing to try.  The hard part is choosing which pattern.  Leaning towards the Guise pants in the middle.  From left to right Gilbert trousers, Guise pants and Hampshire trousers.


This exercise has made me realise I really like a casual button up shirt in something drappy.  I have never worn that style assuming shirts are for the professional environment but I am itching to give it a go.  From left to right Chemise Merlot, Archer shirt, Granville shirt, blouse with short sleeves.  The big question is Archer vs Granville? I love the look of a straight shirt on other people, but when your curvy or big busted they just look boxy and frumpy instead of relaxed.  Have to weigh up my options.


I have black cashmere, red wool, blue tweed and lots of other outerwear fabric horded in my stash and I am excited to get cutting into some of it this winter.  From left to right Ziggi jacket, Yuzu Raglan coat, Camden cape (with pockets), Clare coat, white biker jacket.  I really want to make a Camden I had bought and put aside wool, lining and buttons for one right after it came out in November.  The others I am unsure off.  I hope I can make a biker jacket this winter.  A coat as well seems unlikely at this point but its nice to dream.

If anyone wants to do the Wardrobe Architect along with other people in real time Christine Haynes is doing it atm on her blog.