Saturday, 14 November 2015


Again apologies to the vegans.

My birthday is in November.  So is my Mother's and Gran's.  A family full of Scorpio's.  Anyway Friday my Mum and I dressed up to the nines and took each other out to high coffee.  Like high tea.  But with delicious coffee instead of gross tea.  I did try and wake up my BF and get photos of the dress.  Friday is his sleep in day and I didn't want to piss him off to much.  If this photo taking thing is too painful he will revolt.

We hit NSW leather Co on the way.  Surreal experience. Let me set the scene.  Friday afternoon, super trendy hipster suburb, two generations of women stumble in, with wide eyes, mouth open dressed in cocktail dresses and heels.  I sure they thought we were nuts.  Not super warm or welcoming.  I get it. I stole this photo from Waffleon.  I was not going to ask the staff if I could take a photo.

They price things in square foot.  WTF.  I don't want to get all metric vs imperial but my brain does not work in feet.  This did not help the staff's impression of me.  It seemed reasonably priced though.  I only looked at the single sheep leathers on the table pictured.  They were priced at $4 something a square foot.  It gets cheaper the more you buy.  They very much cater to local designers and manufacturing.  They have a scrap box priced at $2 a square foot.  Lets open the haul I got for $47.


They said this was a sheep skin.  It is very soft and thin.  I was looking for something to use as a detail on a jacket.  I wanted something that felt really nice but doesn't add bulk.  Jacket sewing AND sewing with leather.  Very intimidating. Cue sewing stress.  Wish me luck.

I wanted something to make next years school bag.  I have been using the Madrid I made this time last year.  It boosted my mood everyday at uni using a bag I made that didn't look super handmade.  No becky homecky here.  So I want to incorporate some leather into my next bag.  The colour is really nice, not sure if it comes through in this picture, and it feels substantial compared to the black. 

Some samples.  The most beautiful red cowhide and a super soft piece labelled as distressed fudge.  This made me laugh. 

cotton and viscose Italian fabric from Tessuti
silk kimono fabric from Kimono House
We also went to Tessuti and Kimono House.  Tessuti the store is very intimidating.  I have been there several times before but I still get the heebeegeebees there.  I have never been to Kimono house before, it look's like it caters to quilters more than people who sew clothes.  The lady was really nice though.  It was a breath of fresh air after the misunderstanding's at NSW leather and the Prue & Trude skit at Tessuti.

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