Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My first post.....

I have a problem. Some would say an obsession. Some of my favourite people have pulled me aside to talk about it. They are concerned. My BF has threatened to leave. I have to many vintage sewing machines.

It all started just over a year ago with a road trip to Sydney. Back in Melbourne I was living in an uncomfortable room mate situation and my sewing output was at an all time high. So when my father and step-mum offered me a vintage sewing machine for my birthday I jumped at it. The Bebarfald Bluebird vibrating shuttle treadle.

When I got it home I was busy trying to get it to work I got an email from my mum who likes to google things on my behalf. She had found Cyndy Kitt. Cyndy makes her own corsets and sells sewing machine parts on etsy and eBay. She had a copy of the instructions for sale. In our messaging she told me about the Vintage Sewing Machine Facebook group.

If you like having a clutter free spacious home do not join this group. If you have very little spare cash around to spend on vintage sewing machines do not join. If you already have lot's of expensive hobbies and would not like another one do not join. This group will become a huge time suck and you will discover you NEED at least three more machines.

On the other hand if you already love and collect them this group is a great place to hang out. The members are enthusiastic and helpful to a fault. .

So it has been about 12 months since I have joined the group and it's a constant in my life. I am checking eBay twice a day. And and now I own 9 sewing machines. After I get one I am content with my collection for a few weeks. Then someone posts a picture or asks a question and I realise I NEED another one.  

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