Monday, 7 December 2015

Shopping for Christmas Sewing

My younger Brother is a tall, solid guy who likes to grow a beard and wear polyester Hawaiian shirts.  I have been planning to make him a non-polyester shirt for a while, Christmas felt like the time to do it.  The first muslin went well and serendipity happened a local shirt brand Phillips Shirts announced a fabric sale for the coming week, they only sell fabric to the public during special retail events.

Not my brother.  I googled "horrible hawaiian shirt neck beard".
A quick google and I was pretty sure we could find something the Brother would like.  Found this shirt for sale on the website.  You can see why I thought we would be able to find something.

Unbeknownst to me Phillips Shirts have been in murky waters for a while.  For a company that proclaims they never sell to the public, evidence of their previous fabric sales can be found on the net.  It was pretty obvious that their stash of fabrics had been picked over.  They made a lot of liberty shirts over the years, but the liberty pile was really really small with very little yardage left.

liberty shirts for sale
If I had been by myself I would have given up on finding the shirt fabric there but the Brother was determined.  We started chatting to one of the staff members and she pulled out a bolt of plaid that is POLYESTER but the Brother could not be swayed.

Very purple.  The Brother said he want's to enter a room and someone say "gosh that is an ugly shirt".  I pulled out a couple of deep purples and a rich emerald green and said "look these would be joker shirts" he insisted the plaid is cooler.  I had to pay extra for polyester (cottons $5, polyester $8) but he insisted it was the one he wanted.

I bought this one to make a shirt for the BF.  He is embarking on a career change in the new year.  Making him a interview shirt for good luck.  I have made him a shirt before sometime in 2014 so most of the fitting is done.  The staff member thought it might have some linen in it, gave it to me for the price of a cotton.  When the BF saw it I actually got a big smile.  Success.

I felt this one before I saw it.  Buried in the back of the silks it felt so soft on my hand I pulled it out and "ooohhhhh"ed.  It is just over a metre of the softest cotton flannel in dove grey.  It will be a winter Tiny Pocket Tank eventually.

I fell pretty hard for this fabric when I saw that emblem.  The BF has suggested I actually look up what it means before I put it on my body, and I concede that he is probably right.  It is a super soft silk, in a light blue/grey with three colour stripes and emblems.  I saw it and it reminded me straight away of Harry Potter.  The staff lady was surprised I liked the emblem.  She was cutting it and said in a sheepish tone "now it has breaks in the stripes and some logo's"  All silks were priced at $12 a metre.  

Not sure what this graphic silk will be, I might give it to another sewing person in the family for Christmas.  Not sure.  I am on the fence.  I know she would like it but could I use it to line a project I am planning for next semester.  Have to have a play with fabrics.

I "ooohhhhhh"ed over this one too.  Muted white silk.  They had a stark white silk that almost looked like it had blue in it too, but I went for this one.  So soft.  Can you see those pencil lines in it? Someone was going to cut several shirts out of this (though they are very cropped, with a massive bust dart so it may have been a womans shirt with a peplum? diversifying the brand?) and changed their mind. It was already cut in a metre and two metre lengths.  I got the whole three metre's for $12, the staff member said she couldn't use it or sell it so just take it.  It is in the wash now so hopefully it will come out.  This will be another V1247, so if it doesn't come out I will be doing some very careful cutting to avoid those lines.

Leaving you with some shots I got of the Phillips Shirts Building *cough cough* with my phone.  It is heritage listed.  I love it when Melbournians get all crazy about our history.  I should have gotten more photo's.

The sale is still on here are the dets

pencil lines didn't come out :(

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