Sunday, 10 August 2014


I was walking with a friend of mine the other day and I realised something and blurted it out loud "My BF and Jacqui have the same bust measurement". My friend reacted in horror and asked "Why would you know that?". I wasn't trying to freak her out I just thought it was interesting. That two large but very different shaped people could have the same bust measurement. I thought it said something about how we perceive body shapes, our body and others.  That silhouette and shapes confuse our perception and we imagine things as smaller and larger than they really are.

My friend was horrified that I knew anyone's measurements. She doesn't sew and wouldn't know her own measurements. I am not even sure she would know her weight at the moment. This I understand. Unless I am actively dieting I prefer to not know.  But I know my measurements. Off by heart. And my bf's, my mothers, my fathers and Jacqui's.  I remember at least their bust measurements from the last time I took it.  Why is this odd? I sew things for myself and sometimes for other people. It is pretty hard to do that if I don't measure first. 
My Ideal skirt length is always 69cm. Just thought you would like to know.
It is interesting the different relationship people have with their bodies when they sew. I say people because I know of a few men who sew and I know a lot of men who have had an unhappy time shopping for clothes. 

When I go shopping if something doesn't fit when it usually would I leave the store blaming my body.  Even if it "fits" but isn't suited to my body shape it is still somehow my bodies fault.  The shop and manufacturer is never at fault.  My body is "wrong".  I know that really there is nothing wrong with my body.  It may be larger than the stores fit model but it is not wrong.  When I sew something and it doesn't fit it is still my fault.  My sewing skills have failed me.  A much better feeling but still frustrating.  That is my experience.
I will be sure to avoid IRONIZED YEAST
I have witnessed other people react differently when things do not fit.  They blame the manufacturer. Clothes from that brand are too short, or have weird hips, or never have enough room in the bust, they always cut the bodice too long in the back etc.  While I go home and sew something when I can't find anything that fits, people that don't sew just keep on shopping.  Searching for the perfect dress or pair of jeans.  Going from shop to shop where sizes can be wildly different, never knowing their own measurements. I imagine it can make the relationship with your own body very murky.

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