Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Gold Dress

Lucifer my cat, my Prada sunglasses, a purse my Gran left me and my shoes
A whole month ago sewamysew warned her readers to never ever ever sew a dress for an occasion the night before. I have done this on numerous occasions. Usually for weddings or engagement parties. I have made several dresses in 12 hours or less that look okish. A few are rare success's which I wear again and again but usually I wear them on the day because in my head I have no other option, you can't go to the engagement party and wedding in the SAME dress, and push it to the back of my wardrobe the next day. On one such occasion the dress was thrown in the bin the next day. Sorry make that twice.
spoilt cat
I somehow found myself again the night before a wedding "making it work" last Friday. I promise I started a full week ahead of time and I had a plan and everything organised before Friday night. But the universe made sure I was either exhausted and recovering from night shift or out of the house at family commitments all week. I finished this dress at 4:30 Saturday morning and had to be up at 10. Which is why I waited a full week to take these photos.
This is a byhandlondon Elisalex dress. My first one and I'm very impressed with this pattern. It's not perfect mostly because I cut lots of corners but I think it's passable. I traced a size 14/18 and added a 2 inch fba.

I did this because my upper bust measurement was 40" and my waist measurement was 33". This was pretty close to the 14/18 which is full bust 40" and waist 35" except my full bust is 42". I followed the instructions from the sew along and it worked perfectly. Those girls know how to do a sew along now. I left the waist a bit roomy to leave room for a sit down dinner. I took 10 cm off the bottom of the skirt but I might take a bit more off next time.
Lucifer looking for attention and my awesome shoes with a gold heel
It is made out of 2 fabrics a synthetic gray/brown lace with gold glitter sprinkled on top and a interesting gold woven silk fabric that behaves a little like a taffeta. The lace was $4 a meter on sale and the silk was $20 a meter both are from darn cheap fabrics. As soon as I got the silk home I threw it in the washing machine and shrunk it. It was on hand wash mode. That counts right?
Trying out some model poses but the BF is making me laugh. fail.

I stretched it back as best I could before cutting it but I am sure it is all wonky. This is a hand wash only dress. The kind you do in a sink with your hands.  

Next time I will start a full two weeks in advance.

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